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How to take care of your lash extensions

To get fuller lashes, lots of women are getting lash extensions. Eyelash extensions are the beauty process of applying artificial hair to the existing eyelashes. This gives fullness and extra length to the natural eyelashes. The natural look and longevity of the lashes make it very popular with women.

There is a variety of lengths to choose from, starting at 8mm to 15mm. This allows for different curls and looks to the women’s eye shape. After the service, the extensions can last on average 2-4 weeks. This time frame depends on how well people take care of the lashes through the cleansing method.

When removing eye makeup, the usual routine of rubbing the eyes can cause the eyelashes to fall off. Therefore, it is recommended to use a cotton swab to thoroughly cleanse the eye area. It is unavoidable to get the lashes exposed to water. However, it is important to make sure the lashes avoid contact with the used cleansing foam.

Even if you are used to removing makeup using a cotton pad, after eyelash extensions, you must switch to using cotton swabs to remove eye makeup. Water-based cleaning products are more suitable than oil-based products. Oil-based products can cause false lashes to come off.

Also, be careful when applying makeup. Particularly, when drawing eyeliner make sure it does not touch the eyelashes. It can be difficult to clean/remove and the durability may decrease during the makeup removal process.

After receiving the extension service, it is recommended to apply eyelash serum regularly to prevent the natural eyelashes from falling out. Above all else, eyelash extensions must be performed by a professionally certified technician.

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