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-LYMPHATIC has the ability to nourish your skin without any damages by using PTD (Protein Transduction Domain).

-Many typical skin therapy machines are not small enough to get deeply into the cellular level.

-With nanotechnology, LYMPHATIC can across the barrier and enter at the cellular level.

Once these ideal locations in the cell are reached, a high concentration of NANO CELL directly penetrates into the skin with the optional Galvanic current intensity and frequency setting, and converts into moisture, helping to improve skin diseases, aging, and wrinkles by using a unique FINE MIST.

-Not just nourishing your skin, it eliminates waste matter from the skin and recovers circulation in order to promote tightening.


Take Care Of Your Skin & Body

Six effects at one time

Low Level Light Therapy

Regenerative effect(cellular activation), lipid
decomposition anti-inflammatory effect, body circulation, waste discharge sterilization effect(99.9% hair follicle)

MST(500 Nano)

Fine nano conversion of solution particle
(Half size of pore 3.5 microns)


Epidermal Layer Penetration Effect of Acupoint Massage


Discharge of wastes,internal circulatory myocardial massage, Epidermal Layer Penetration Effect of Acupoint Massage


Discharge of wastes,internal circulatory myocardial massage


The PTD method makes the particles into liposomes which are most similar to cells and absorbs up to 90% of the nutrients

What is lymph?

There are two body fluids moving in our bodies. 
One of them is blood flowing through the blood vessels, and the other is called lymph. 

Lymph is a clear-to white fluid that flows through the lymphatic system. 

As this lymph circulates throughout the body, it not only delivers nutrients to each tissue, it removes wastes, foreign substances, cancer cells, and bacteria in the tissue through lymphatic vessels. 

In a nutshell, you can think of it as playing the role of a cleaner in our body. 


Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped organs that are the size of a pea. You have nodes throughout your body including in your armpits, neck , chest, groin and behind your ear. They are connected to each other by more than 500 lymphatic vessels throughout the body. It contains lymphocytes and white blood cells. 
If the lymph nodes are blocked or damaged, it can cause a buildup of fluid and cells are unable to function properly resulting in dysfunction and poor circulation. It also increases the chance of getting various allergies and diseases. 


Just by massaging the lymph nodes, the blood vessels and lymph glands expand, so that wastes are discharged, nutrients are supplied more smoothly, swelling is improved, the immune system is strengthened, and the probability of getting sick is reduced drastically! 


What is Lymphatic Therapy?

Therefore, you can receive this treatment 1 to 2 times a week and 5 consecutive treatments are recommended.
Depending on the health condition of the body, the degree to which it brings results may vary. Also, when managed together with body care, it can bring a faster and greater effect.
As these degenerate cells are regenerated, elasticity is created in the body, and unresolved wrinkles such as neck wrinkles, double chins, etc., are also resolved through steady management. Marpe is not plastic surgery or surgery. It is a therapy that maintains a healthy body and beauty of a healthy face.

MARPE Double Effect Ample, Essential Ingredient

MARPE Double Effect Ample
Pustulethe most common cause ofpustules is acne.Acne develops when thepores of your skin becomeclogged with oil anddead skin cells. Nodulea small lump on a partof the body or onthe root of a plant Blackhead an open skin pore or hairfollicle clogged with oil,dead skin cells,and bacteria. Whitehead As more sebum build upbehind the cloggedpores, whiteheads appear. Papulecan have caused blockedhair follicles in the dermisand due to theaccumulationof dead skin cells

Marpe Therapy Result

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