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after care



1. Keep your lashes dry for at least six (6) hours after your appointment


2. Avoid moisture and excess heat (sauna, tanning) for 48 hours


3. Do not use oil-based eye products/creams or waterproof mascara


4. Gently remove eye makeup with water-based formula


5. Do not perm, tint, or use an eyelash curler


6. Brush lashes daily with your complimentary mascara wand


7. Be careful to avoid pulling extensions or rubbing eyes









1. Use a Q-tip to apply a thin layer of ointment (provided) throughout the day.


2. Do not scrub, rub, or pick at the crust/scab that forms! It is a part of a natural process for it to flake off after your appointment.


3. Avoid extreme heat, moisture, and recreational water activities for at least the next seven days. Avoid strenuous activities for the next two days.


4. It is completely normal for approximately 25-50% of the color to fade within the first seven days! During your touch-up appointment, the artist will go in and add more color/shape as necessary.

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